Announcing SAISON-A-THON

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If you like things that taste great, you probably like saisons. I love them. And so, I wanted to create an excuse for Tasty Beverage to have a variety of saisons on tap at once. If you are not familiar with them, saisons (saison, farmhouse ale, and biere de garde are sometimes used interchangeably) are beers that are most often refreshing in character. They may be floral, herbal, fruity, grassy, hoppy, yeasty, funky, dry, and / or sweet. And sometimes, in apparent contradiction, they may be all of these things. The style is more open to interpretation than many or most, and that is another part of the fun.

As it turns out, “saison” is French for “season”. As a verb, to season is to make some thing taste spectacular by adding herbs and spices and such to it. Brewers of saisonsĀ often do this. As a noun, season refers to any of the four, nearly equal portions of a year of which you are likely already familiar. Spring is one of them, and on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 it will become spring in the northern hemisphere. And I can not wait. Hooray for the March equinox. In celebration of the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the warmer and more pleasant weather to come, and [of course!] delicious beer; Tasty Beverage Co. will host a SAISON-A-THON fun time during the first week of spring, beginning on March 20. This will involve a variety of saisons on tap and in the bottle for our enjoyment and yours. Hooray!

I am excited about the delicious tastes I will taste during this week. I am excited for you to taste these tastes, too. Please join us and fall in love with saisons if you are not already. Rekindle if necessary. This would be a wise decision. If it is sadly not possible for you to join us, please celebrate SAISON-A-THON in your own way, how ever you see fit! To see what other people are already planning, visit Oh yes. Good times in deed!

If you are looking for tasty saisons, Dupont, Fantome, Ommegang, Stillwater, and Victory make some of our favorites. There are plenty more, so be sure to explore. Chombers!

Add SAISON-A-THON to your calendar! It will begin on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 and continuing through the week. I think my mouth can already taste the goodness. Yes!